Cost of a StoneMason

In general it is around £20 to £30 per letter or alternatively for engravings £20 per hour.

Factors that determine the lower rate or the higher rate are:

  • type of stone
  • simplicity of font/engraving
StoneMason Quote
  • Total Cost: £

What goes into making a quote/price:

Toughness of the stone

Granite, being an igneous rock will take longer to cut into and consequently cost more per letter/hour. Even though Granite as a stone has come down a lot in wholesale price in the last decade.

Simple fonts versus italicised

Roman fonts tend to be the norm, as it looks in keeping, classical and relatively straight forward as a font. Italicised fonts and elaborate fonts will be in the upper cost per letter bracket as they are technical to cut.





You can visit the workshop at any time to check progress on your order/stonework.

What our recent customers say about our stonework

"Quick at responding with price and turnaround"
Great stonework! Looks beautiful.


"Stunning result!"
I wanted to say thank you for sculpting such a beautiful plaque.


How long will it take:


will take 1 month to source the stone from the right quarry. Lettercutting and engraving will take a further month, with final delivery and fitting 7 months later. The ground has to have a minimum of 6-9 months to settle before installing the headstone.


will typically be a quicker turnaround, especially with simple engravings, like Victorian bay window restorations. We try to be flexible and expeiante as normally there is other work going on on the site and we don't want to hold up other trades starting their works.

Stone Bay window renovation

mainly for residential victorian home owners.


These will tend to be time consuming as the artist will have to be in constant contact with feedback during the whole stage to make sure they are happy with progress.

Delivery and fitting:

Delivery included in the price/quote within London and Home counties

Outside of this, we charge extra for delivery

  • Extra £40 for South-West/Midlands
  • Extra £100 for North
  • Extra £150 for Scotland

Fitting is included in the price

typically headstones and memorials. Fitting for stone bay windows is included in the price, although we can quote with no fitting, if you wish which would be cheaper.